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Message from the President

Motoaki Takayanagi M.D, Ph.D
President of Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University

The year 2016 marked the new beginning of our university to establish a new department of medicine for the first time in 37 years in Japan. Our university started in 1939 as Tohoku School of Pharmacy, the only pharmaceutical institute in the Tohoku region and Hokkaido. Ever since, our university has consistently offered educational programs that enable pharmacy graduates to successfully contribute to society. The Department of Pharmaceutical Life Sciences aims to train students to acquire a broad knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences and medicine in order to make a valuable contribution to society, and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences nurtures competent pharmacists with a higher level of professional skills.
Department of Medicine aims to cultivate doctors that can acquire advanced expertise and skill to contribute to the Tohoku region’s healthcare with enthusiasm.
We support all who have an aspiration to study pharmaceutical sciences and clinical ability and to contribute to society in the future assuming a productive role as a medical care professional.

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