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Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University was founded in 1939 as the Tohoku School of Pharmacy, the only pharmaceutical education institution in the Tohoku and Hokkaido area.
What our university is especially proud of is that, as a private school based on a solid educational philosophy, it revived pharmaceutical education in northern Japan after the government closed down the only such institution in the area. In the Meiji era, the government established the Sendai School of Medicine (now Tohoku University School of Medicine) in Sendai and founded the medical and pharmaceutical departments, but closed the pharmaceutical department in 1917. In the subsequent 20 years, there were no pharmaceutical education institutions in northern Japan, and so pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical industry in the area stagnated during that time. In particular, most of the people who wanted to study pharmaceutical sciences were forced to give up, since they had to go to Tokyo to study, which was a too great financial burden for them. Worried about the situation and fervently called upon by society to do so, Giichi Takayanagi and other private pioneers founded Tohoku School of Pharmacy in 1939.

Looking back on the history of our university, however, the beginning and development of the School of Pharmacy were far from easy. When the school was founded, the prolonged war was getting even worse, only to be followed by World War II and defeat, and during these turbulent times, students, executives, teachers and staff experienced tremendous hardships. Although at one time after the war the school faced closure, it conquered many problems to become Tohoku Pharmaceutical University in 1949.

When establishing the university, the founders primarily aimed to train students to be pharmacists who could contribute to the local community, but one of their larger aims was to contribute to the health and welfare of human beings through the education and research of pharmaceutical sciences, and desired to push forward with the pursuit of truth. This spirit was condensed into Giichi Takayanagi’ s appeal to “The pursuit of truth,” engraved into a monument as the founding spirit of the former Tohoku Pharmaceutical University, and are guiding us even now as Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University started with the establishment of new department of medicine.

The pursuit of truth is the starting point of a university’s mission to educate and research, and this spirit requires us to make serious efforts for education and research activities in medicine and pharmaceutical sciences.

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