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01 Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Professor : Yasuyuki Endo
Associate Professor : Kohei Inomata ; Assistant Professor : Asako Kaise

Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Research Projects

  • Medicinal drug design, synthesis and biological evaluation of nuclear receptor (estrogen receptor, androgen receptor etc.) ligands toward anti-cancer and anti-osteoporosis medicines.
  • Analysis of intermolecular interaction of globular molecules (carboranes) and application for drug design and molecular architecture.
  • Development of novel enantio-selective synthetic methods employing organic catalysts and application for synthesis of biologically active compounds.


02 Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Professor : Yuichi Yoshimura
Associate Professor : Hideaki Wakamatsu ; Assistant Professors : Yoshihiro Natori, Yukako Saito

Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Research Projects

  • Design and synthesis of nucleoside derivatives which can be used for antiviral agents, building blocks of nucleic acid medicines, and biological tools.
  • Development of novel glycosylation reactions applicable to the synthesis of the target nucleosides described above.
  • Development of new C-C and C-N bond forming reactions using transition metal catalyst and organocatalyst.
  • Searching new drug candidates for diabetes, Fabry’s disease, Gaucher’s disease.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/bunsiya/index.html

03 Clinical Infectious Diseases and Chemotherapy

Professor : Shigeru Fujimura
Research Associate : Masato Kawamura

Clinical Infectious Diseases and Chemotherapy

Research Projects

  • Treatment and prevention of biofilm-formed S. aureus infection on medical devices
  • Development of the antibacterial chemotherapy to inhibit drug-resistant bacteria
  • Surveillance of various antibiotic resistant strains and the practice of nosocomial infection control


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/rinkan/index.html

04 Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry

Professor : Yuichi Yoshimura
Associate Professor : Kazuhiro Watanabe ; Assistant Professor : Koichi Narita ; Research Associate : Hiroka Sato

Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry

Research Projects

  • Development of new synthetic methods for biologically important and structurally unique natural products.
  • Total synthesis of dysidavarone A: a novel PTP1B inhibitor.
  • Total synthesis of liphagal: a potent and selective PI3Kα inhibitor.
  • Synthetic study on TAN-1813: a novel p21rasfarnesyltansferase inhibitor.
  • Synthetic study on nakijinol B: a potential anti-glioblastoma agent.
  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of FK228 analogues to develop a potent and selective HDAC class I inhibitor.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/iyakugo/index.html

05 Bioanalytical Chemistry

Professor : Tsutomu Fujimura
Associate Professor : Ken-ichi Ohno Research ; Research Associate : Sachiko Komatsu

Bioanalytical Chemistry

Research Projects

  • Microscale characterization and quantification of steroid compounds using GC-MS and/or LC-MS/MS.
  • Development of proton affinitive derivatization method for sensitive and selective assay of steroids and prostaglandins by LC-ESI- MS/MS.
  • Evaluation of mode of action and stereochemistry of substrate oxidation in the aromatase reaction.
  • Research on a novel remedy for hormone dependent cancer with lower side effects.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/rinsyob/index.html

07 Microbiology

Professor : Shusuke Kuge
Assistant Professor : Hayato Irokawa ; Reasearch Associate : Koki Takeda


Research Projects

  • Role of peroxiredoxin in sensing of phisiological level of hydroperoxides (yeast and mammalian cells).
  • Mammalian hydroperoxide sensor molecules that regulate stress response pathway and tumor cell growth.
  • Redox regulation of pyruvate kinase (yeast and mammalian cells).
  • Cellular response induced by hepatitis C virus (HCV) core protein.
  • Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in response to HCV core-induced toxicity.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/bisei/index.html

08 Infection and Host Defense

Professor : Nobuyuki Shibata
Associate Professor : Masato Sasaki ; Assistant Professor : Yutaka Tanaka ; Research Associate : Fumie Ito

Infection and Host Defense

Research Projects

  • Structural study of the antigenic mannans of pathogenic Candida species.
  • Structural study of the antigenic galactomannans of Aspergillus, Malassezia, and Fonsecaea species.
  • Analysis of the relationship between fungal polysaccharides and lectins.
  • Development of the specific detection system of fungal infection.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/kansen/index.html

09 Environmental and Health Sciences

Professor : Kiyoshi Nagata
Associate Professor : Takeshi Kumagai ; Assistant Professor : Sawako Shindo

Environmental and Health Sciences

Research Projects

  • Study for the molecular mechanism of individual difference in drug metabolizing enzyme.
  • Explanation of the molecular mechanism of cross talking among nuclear transfactors involving the activation of drug metabolizing enzyme genes.
  • Development of the prediction system for drug toxicology depending on the drug metabolism.
  • Study for drug-health food interaction.
  • Development of a method to differentiate from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) to hepatocyte.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/kankyoei/index.html

10 Pharmacology

Professor : Koichi Tan-no
Associate Professor : Osamu Nakagawasai ; Lecturer : Fukie Yaoita ; Assistant Professor : Wataru Nemoto


Research Projects

  • Role and the mechanism of bioactive peptides such as dynorphin and angiotensin ll in pain transmission.
  • Meshanism of analgesic tolerance to morphine.
  • Maternal behaviors in preclinical models of mental and neurological disorders.
  • Molecular mechanisms of delayed behavioral changes in rats with neonatal hippocampal lesions: Implications for developmental psychiatric disorders.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/yakuri/index.html

11 Physiology and Anatomy

Professor : Hirokazu Mizoguchi
Associate Professor : Chizuko Watanabe ; Lecturer : Masaru Yoshidsumi

Physiology and Anatomy

Research Projects

  • Development of peptidic new analgesics, which are more potent and have fewer side effects than morphine.
  • Functional characterization of μ-opioid receptor splice variants.
  • Characterization of the physiological mechanisms of the morphine-resistant intractable pain, e.g. neuropathic pain, chronic inflammatory pain, cancer pain, multiple sclerosis-related pain.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/kinokei/index.html

12 Pathophysiology

Professor : Tomoko Takahashi
Lecturers : Tasuku Kawano, Tomomitsu Miyasaka


Research Projects

  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying gender differences in prevalence and severity ofasthma.
  • Psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunological mechanisms for worsening of asthma by physiologicalstress.
  • An association of obesity and insulin resistance with asthma and atopy prevalence.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/byotai/index.html

13 Natural Product Chemistry

Professor : Ryuji Uchida
Lecturer : Hiroyuki Yamazaki ; Assistant Professor : Kazuyo Ukai

Natural Product Chemistry

Research Projects

  • Chemical ecology of marine organisms such as starfish, sponges, ascidians, bacteria, fungi, and cyanobacteria.
  • Chemical biology of physiologically active substances for the treatment of psychosis, cancer, and inflammation.
  • Search for new drug candidates and their lead compounds from traditional folk medicines, medicinal plants, marine invertebrates, tunicates, and microorganisms.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/tennen/site/index.html

14 Pharmacognosy

Professor : Kenro Sasaki
Lecturers : Kyoko Kobayashi, Toshihiro Murata


Research Projects

Searches for new physiological activities of crude drugs, plants and Kampo medicines, analysis of their action mechanisms, and assessment of their functions.

  • Search for crude drugs and plants that may be effective for the control of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and hyperlipidemia, and identify their active components.
  • Search for natural products and Kampo medicines that may be effective for the control of aging-related phenomena, such as cognitive impairment, dermatosis, and diabetes.
  • The investigation of chemical and/or biological properties of natural products and the elucidation of their structure-activity relationship.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/syoyaku/index.html

15 Radiopharmacy

Professor : Fumihiko Yamamoto
Lecturer : Youhei Saito ; Assistant Professor : Yumi Yamamoto


Research Projects

Our research is focused on the development of nuclear medicinal molecular imaging methods aiming for both early diagnosis and treatment by targeting cancer, brain function, central nervous system disorders and so on. In order to achieve our purpose, the following some projects are ongoing.
  • Development of novel nanocarriers and translational research for molecular imaging and tumor therapy.
  • Development of novel molecular imaging probes reflecting in vivo redox dynamics.
  • Molecular mechanism of acquired proliferative activity on clinically relevant radioresistant HepG2.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/hosya/index.html

16 Biochemistry

Professor : Masayuki Seki
Associate Professor : Akihiro Ambo ; Lecturer : Akari Yoshimura ; Research Associate : Yu Nakabayashi


Research Projects

  • Development of novel strategy for vertebrate brain research using chick embryo
    Structure-activity relationships of bioactive peptides (e.g. opioid peptides, cell-penetrating peptides, cytotoxic peptides, and amyloid peptides) for the development of novel highly functional peptides
  • Functional analysis of canonical histones using yeast histone-mutants library
  • Molecular mechanism of vertebrate RecQ helicase action


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/seika/index.html

17 Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Science

Professor : Teruaki Watabe
Associate Professor : Junko Kawakami ; Lecturer : Kenji Hoshi ; Assistant Professor : Sorama Aoki

Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Science

Research Projects

  • Developing new screening methods of detecting autoimmune disease using routine tests.
  • Visualization and analysis of drug information (adverse effect, effect-efficacy, drug interaction, etc.) using pattern recognition methods.
  • Computer simulation of an operation change of neural networks by dosage.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/iyakujo/index.html

18 Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry

Professor : Yoshiki Yamaguchi
Lecturer : Noriyoshi Manabe ; Research Associate : Shiho Ohno

Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry

Research Projects

  • Quantum-chemical study of mechanisms of reactions related to spontaneous racemization of amino acid residues in peptides and proteins.
  • Computational study of structural properties of peptides and proteins including unusual amino acid residues such as D-Asp, L-β-Asp, and D-β-Asp.
  • Clarifying the origin of the site specificity of spontaneous racemization of amino acid residues in proteins by computational chemical methods.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/yakuhinb/index.html

19 Clinical Pharmaceutics

Professors : Hitoshi Nakamura, Yuriko Murai
Assistant Professor : Hiroyuki Suzuki ; Research Associate : Tomomi Yagi

Clinical Pharmaceutics

Research Projects

  • Identification and management of risk factors for adverse drug reaction.
  • Analysis of the association between antimicrobial drug use and resistance.
  • Review of drug information data and creation of useful new database on clinical setting.
  • Evaluation of generic products.
  • Proper use of proprietary drugs and health foods.
  • Investigation of cancer chemotherapy – induced neuropathy.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/rinsyoy/index.html

20 Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

Professor : Mikio Tomita
Lecturer : Kaori Morimoto ; Assistant Professor : Makoto Ishii

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

Research Projects

  • Mechanism of induction in ABC transporters such as P-gp, BCRP and MRP localized in intestine and kidney especially focused on ulcerative colitis and chronic kidney disease.
  • Comparative study of flux through ABC transporter on normal and disease condition in drug absorption and elimination
  • Development of the prediction system for drug-drug and drug-health food interaction depending on transporters
  • SLC and ABC transporters contribution to transport process in the small and large intestine


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/yakudo/index.html

21 Pharmaceutical Sciences

Professor : Tsuneyoshi Suzuki
Associate Professor : Yasuyuki Agatsuma ; Lecturer : Takafumi Hayashi ; Assistant Professors : Shoko Sato, Atsuko Oikawa, Kasumi Kudo

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Projects

  • Exporing the enzymatic mechanism of food-drug interactions.
  • Differences of the stability between original and generic drugs under the light irradiation.
  • Scientific investigation of the incompatibility of injectable drugs by Y-site injection.
  • Application of natural materials to drug raw materials.
  • Investigation and proposal of the new area of the pharmacist’s work.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/yakuzai/index.html

22 Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics

Professor : Akiyoshi Hara
Associate Professors : Syuichi Kanno, Shin Yomogida

Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics

Research Projects

  • Screening new anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory drug candidates.
  • Molecular mechanism for cytotoxicity of bioactive compounds from natural products.
  • Involvement of a guanine nucleotide-exchange protein, ARF-GEP100, on expression of multi drug resistance (MDR)-1 protein.
  • Sensitivity of hepatotoxicity mediated oxidative stress in mice.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/yakuchi/index.html

23 Division of Regulatory Glycobiology

Professor : Jianguo Gu
Associate Professor : Tomohiko Fukuda ; Lecturer : Tomoya Isaji

Division of Regulatory Glycobiology

Research Projects

  • Potential roles of N-glycosylation in cell proliferation, adhesion, migration and cancer metastasis.
  • Importance of N-glycan on complex formation on the cell surface and intracellular signaling.
  • Functional analysis of N-glycans in brain nervous systems.
  • N-glycan and its related diseases: emphysema, schizophrenia, liver regeneration and hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • Regulation of glycogene expression under physiological and pathological conditions such as EMT.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/drg/index.html

24 Division of Cell Recognition Study

Professor : Masahiro Hosono
Lecturer : Shigeki Sugawara ; Assistant Professor : Takeo Tatsuta

Division of Cell Recognition Study

Research Projects

For a sialic acid binding lectin from bullfrog eggs (SBL)

  • Antitumor mechanism of SBL on the malignant mesothelioma.
  • A feature of mitochondrial damage on a SBL-induced apoptosis.

For a rhamnose-binding lectin from catfish eggs (SAL)

  • Anti-proliferation mechanism of SAL on Burkitt’s lymphoma.
  • Recombinant SAL mutants and their lectin activity.
  • Relation between SAL-ligand Gb3 and growth factor receptor(s).


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/bunsin/index.html

25 Division of Glycopathology

Professor : Jinichi Inokuchi
Assosiate Professor : Keiichiro Inamori ; Lecturer : Masakazu Nagafuku ; Assistant Professor : Hirotaka Kano

Division of Glycopathology

Research Projects

  • Physio/pathlogical significance of glyco- sphingolipids.
  • Exploration of various diseases including diabetes, allergy and hearing loss as membrane microdomain (raft) disorders.
  • Molecular biology of glycosyltransferases.
  • Development of a novel therapeutic strategy “Micorodomain Ortho-signaling Therapy”.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/kinoubyoutai/index.html

26 Division of Glyco-Signal Research

Professor : Hideyoshi Higashi
Assistant Professors : Tetsuto Nakagawa, Yoshiyuki Kuroda

Division of Glyco-Signal Research

Research Projects

  • Potential roles of gangliosides and proteoglycans in neural cell differentiation, maturation and maintenance.
  • Importance of gangliosides and sialidases in peripheral pain induction and enhancement.
  • Function of an orphan GPCR relating energy metabolism.


[URL] http://www.tohoku-mpu.ac.jp/laboratory/seitaijo/index.html

Philosophy Section

Research objective
Hiroshi Ietaka, Associate Professor of Philosophy
To make a comparative study of thoughts and explore possibilities of mutual understanding of various cultures.
Teaching objective
To enable the students to be engaged in medicine not as just a person of technical profession but as a human being or as a citizen.

Teaching methodology

  • To introduce into the field of pharmacy the achievements in Western bioethics and medical sociology.
  • To introduce case study methods.
  • To have the students of pharmacy understand the rationale of bioethics and realize the aspect of the movements it implies.

Mathematics Section

Research objective
Atsushi Uchiyamaa, Professor of Mathematics
We teach functional calculus, linear algebra and statics in the first grade.

We study operator theory in Banach or Hilbert space. Mainly, we concern with operator inequality, Furuta inequality, hyponormal, log-hyponormal operator and so on.

Physics Section

Research Activities
Yu Fujii, Associate Professor of Physics
Studying lambda hypernuclei and strangeness nuclear physics through precision spectroscopy of lambda hypernuclei using electron beam at JLab, USA, and Absolute mass measurement of lambda hypernuclei using decay pion spectroscopy at Mainz, Germany.
Also seeking possibility of precision spectroscopy of heavy hypernuclei using auger neutron spectroscopy.

Physical Education Section

Research Activities
Katsuyuki Sasaki, Professor of Physical Education
Specialty: Physical Education
Research Interests: How to improve volleyball judging skills
Currently Teaching: Softball

Yukako Fukase, Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Specialty: Physical Education
So Endo,Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Specialty: Physical Education

English Language Section

Research Activities
Ryoichi Kojima, Professor of English
Specialty: American Literature, American Studies
Research Interests: Sherwood Anderson and other Midwestern writers
Currently Teaching: Reading Comprehension

Mika Sugawara, Lecturer of English
Specialty: English Linguistics
Research Interests: Generative Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interface
Currently Teaching: English

German Language Section

The German language teaching staff members have made constant efforts to develop an effective teaching method, especially for beginners.
We believe it is very important for our students to have an understanding of German culture, which undoubtedly played a major role in shaping various social systems of Japan after the Meiji Restoration in 1868.
Through German social studies, the students are given an opportunity to further recognize the characteristics of their own culture.
Various texts, including those on current issues, are in use in the classrooms. We are particularly interested in the present environmental politics of Germany, and discussions held on these issues have become an important part of our lessons.
Since 2007, we have been giving lectures on cultural studies.

Takeshi Yamashita , Professor of German
Specialty: German Literature
Research Interests: German romanticism, gender theory, cultural studies
Currently Teaching: German grammar for beginners and comparative culture

Saori Kido , Assistant Professor of German

Physical Education Section

This pharmaceutical education center was established to practice effectively
the education in order to produce excellent pharmacists based on the spirit
and the idea of our university.
The main works in this center are as follows.
(1)Activities that provide learning support for the undergraduates.
(2)Activities that promote faculty development.
(3)Activities that support lifelong learning and education for pharmacists.
(4)Studies on the formation of a new educational system for pharmacy.

Central Analytical Center

Center for Instrumental Analysis
Center for instrumental analysis has been established to promote the education and the research of our university. The latest machines for instrumental analysis are installed to support the researcher in our university who works in various areas (organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biological chemistry etc).

Superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR)
NMR is one of the most powerful techniques for molecular identification. The NMR signal is in the radio frequency part of the electromagnetic energy spectrum and can only be detected with an external magnetic field. The NMR spectrometer is used for structural determination of various organic compounds synthesized newly as well as the ones isolated from natural products.

Small molecule X-ray crystallography system
A three-dimensional structure of the molecule that composes the crystal can be determined by using X ray. The equipment is used for a structural determination of an organic compound.

Transmission Electron Microscope
The transmission electron microscope is widely used in the biological and biomedical fields since it makes possible to view the finest cell structures. The transmission electron microscope can also be used for identification of pathological microorganism and material sciences.

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